Matka is a site-specific and communal work whose choreography Carl Knif will create in collaboration with Carl Knif Company dancers and the work’s audience.

Premiering at the 2022 edition of Kuopio Dance Festival, the work is part of the Company’s 10-year celebrations. The work aims to familiarise people with Carl Knif’s somatic method, Breath – Gaze – Space, and to offer its audiences a chance to try the method as part of the performance, which takes form as an installation.

The method places its participants in a sensitive state of observing where one’s own corporeality combines with the surrounding architecture and the other dancers. The participants create multilayered choreographical structures and music with momentum. With the surround sound design, the space becomes special and something that supports the event.

Choreography, concept: Carl Knif
Dancers: Jonna Aaltonen, Olli Lautiola, Riku Lehtopolku, Terhi Vaimala
Production: Carl Knif Company
Duration: 60 min.

Premiere at Kuopio Dance Festival in Valohalli, Tuesday 21st June at 3pm. Free entry.

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