“For me dance is a journey into myself and also a way to come closer to others. I believe in movement as a channel through which we can touch not only the physical, but the conscious and subconscious self. Dance has the power to bring us into contact with the fundaments of being human, or living – and therefore for life itself.”

Carl Knif

Photo Svenska Teatern / Cata Portin

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Fugue in Two Colors, 2020

In the piece Knif explores the expressive power of movement. The piece itself is a study of the ancient relationship between music and dance.

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A Dream Play, 2021

An innovative and physical interpretation of August Strindberg’s A Dream Play will premiere 8.9.2021 in Helsinki.

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Alice in wonderland, 2019

Carl Knif created the choreography for Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth in 2019.

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