Matka, 2022

Based on the Breath – Gaze – Space method, Matka is a participatory work.

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Sessions, 2022

In Sessions Carl Knif begs the question of whether a performance setting can induce the same level of trust as that of a relationship of care. Could dance and performance be seen as a ritual with healing powers?

Sessions at the Dance House Helsinki 5.-7.5.2022.

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Två duetter, 2022

Två duetter, a co-production between Carl Knif Company and DuvTeatern, premieres in November 2022.

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A Dream Play, 2021

An innovative and physical interpretation of August Strindberg’s A Dream Play will premiere 8.9.2021 in Helsinki.

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Fugue in Two Colors, 2020

In the piece Knif explores the expressive power of movement. The piece itself is a study of the ancient relationship between music and dance.

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Alice in wonderland, 2019

Carl Knif created the choreography for Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth in 2019.

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At Once, in Helsinki, 2018

Carl Knif turns his gaze again towards the human being and the enigmatic nature of life.

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The emotional life of a dog / what my father said, 2016

The emotional life of a dog/ what my father said is a physical study of emotions and their origins.

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The Metamorphosis, 2016

Knif’s creation for Svenska Teatern demonstrates how magnificently Kafka’s classic novella can be adapted for the stage through the medium of physical theatre.

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