Breath – Gaze – Space is a somatic method created by Carl Knif. It employs the physical body as a starting point. As one becomes aware of his breathing, he/she becomes aware of the body and its inner space. Through the breath one also becomes aware of the gaze, which places him/her in contact with the scenic space and with other people in the space. Through this the form and rhythm of the performance is developed.

Knif utilizes this method regardless of whether he is directing a dance or theatre piece.


Workshop: Breath – Ga­ze – Spa­ce 12.-13.6.2021

The workshop is aimed for dance professionals. It is instructed by dance artist Jonna Aaltonen.

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Workshops in autumn 2020

There will be two workshops, which are based on Carl Knif’s improvisatory method: one is open for all and another is for professional dancers.

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Carl Knif Company’s workshop 4.-6.11.2019

In this workshop dancers get to know the improvisatory method Carl Knif has developed Breath – Gaze – Space.

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