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Carl Knif Company

Since its beginning in 2012, Carl Knif Company has risen to the forefront of Finnish dance with a blend of highly recognisable narratives and virtuoso dancing. The themes of the pieces are frank, personal, and fearlessly bare yet mercifully poetical. The works’ straightforward nature, which arises from a profound artistic sensitivity and a strikingly well-conceived visuality, makes the pieces memorable.

Knif has created more than 20 works for his own company in co-production with theatres or as commissioned works. Some of his works are non-verbal and based on the power of movement and dance while some are more theatrical in nature. The works fit into various genres, skilfully combining both dance and theatre.

The works of Carl Knif Company have gained international interest, with tours in over 10 countries so far. Knif was awarded the State Price for Performing Arts in 2016, and in 2022 he received a prize from the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland for the dramaturgy of August Strindberg’s A Dream Play.

“Dance and art give us unrestricted chances to discover and learn, to see and be seen.”

– Carl Knif