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Carl Knif Company

Since the beginning in 2012 the company has risen to the forefront of Finnish dance with blend of highly recognizable narratives and virtuoso dancing. The themes of the pieces are frank, personal and fearlessly bare and yet mercifully poetical. The straightforward nature of the work, which arises from a profound artistic sensitivity and a strikingly well conceived visuality, makes the pieces memorable.

The work of Carl Knif Company has gained international interest. Knif’s pieces have toured in 10 countries.

Knif was awarded the State Price for Performing Arts in 2016.

Lately Knif has broadened his work to the field of theatre. His adaptation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis played for sold out audiences during multiple seasons. The production has toured both nationally and internationally.

Various physical theatre productions of a similar kind are under planning. Simultaneously Carl Knif Company is working on productions based solely on the power of movement and dance.

Next production Sessions is a coproduction with CKC, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance and West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong. The premiere is 5.5.2022 in Dance House, Helsinki.