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Little brother is different from everyone else in his family. He seems to have ended up in the wrong family. He does not feel lonely, as he has plenty of hobbies and his own imagination, but he becomes overwhelmed when others disrupt his sense of order. One day he discovers someone living in his wardrobe. It is life-changing for both the boy and the stranger.

This brand new opera for preschool children is yet another collaborative effort by the popular children’s book author Pija Lindenbaum and composer Niklas Brommare. The pair have previously created När då då for Young at the Opera. Where is the Sandwich, based on a true story, narrates the experience of being different with humour and warmth. It is an opera that communicates that it is okay to be the way you are and a playful story about how we can make ourselves visible to one another.

Music Niklas Brommare
Libretto Pija Lindenbaum
On stage Lisa Larsson, Ulrika Skarby, Staffan Liljas, Jessica Elevant, Anna Stenberg, musicians from the Royal Swedish Orchestra
Conductor Staffan Mårtensson
Director & choreographer Carl Knif
Set & costume design Pija Lindenbaum
Light design Jukka Huitila
Illustration The Royal Swedish Opera / Pija Lindenbaum

Language: Swedish
Duration: 1 hour

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