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Death in Venice
A story about the power of suppressed emotions

Death in Venice is a dance theatre performance based on Thomas Mann’s novella. Powerful visuality and poetic movement set the stage for the story of Gustav von Aschenbach, an elderly author.

For one last time, Aschenback attempts to find a new direction for both his life and his writings. Upon seeing a youth called Tadzio, his peaceful holiday in Venice becomes filled with emotional turmoil. The author’s fledgling love for Tadzio causes in him an avalanche of suppressed emotions and forbidden desires, thus driving the author towards his doom.

The performance asks if it’s ever too late to change one’s life. Can an artist’s works be honest if their life is false?

Working group:

On stage: Pentti Korhonen, Joose Mikkonen, Tuula Väänänen, Merja Pietilä, Anne Pajunen, Miika Alatupa
Original work: Thomas Mann 
Dramatisation based on Michael Baran’s version: Jukka Heinänen, Carl Knif
Director & choreographer: Carl Knif
Set & costume design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Sound design: Janne Hast
Light design: Elina Romppainen
Makeup & hair design: Eija Juutistenaho
Production: Carl Knif Company & Oulun teatteri

Language: Finnish
Duration: 1 h 30 min

9 March 2023 at 7pm (preview)
10 March 2023 at 7pm (premiere)
17 March 2023 at 1pm
18 March 2023 at 7pm
24 March 2023 at 7pm
25 March 2023 at 1pm
14 April 2023 at 1pm
15 April 2023 at 7pm
22 April 2023 at 1pm
28 April 2023 at 7pm
5 May 2023 at 1pm
6 May 2023 at 7pm
12 May 2023 at 7pm
13 May 2023 at 1pm
20 May 2023 at 7pm
Pieni näyttämö, Oulun teatteri

Tickets: €33 / €29 / €20

Death in Venice is, outwardly, as beautiful as a pastel-coloured picture book that dances when the pages are turned. Inside, however, there are depths plunging into passions and the limitations of life – depths which a mortal might struggle to see.

Surprisingly enough, Death in Venice is refreshing and light even though its name and themes would suggest otherwise.”

“The play Death in Venice awakens a deep bliss and wistfulness. The play is a contradictory union of the upper and lower parts, like a merry Italian carnival whose coquettish, sharp-beaked masks are inspired by 16th century plague doctors.”

– Eeva Kauppinen, Kaleva 14.3.2023

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