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Carl Knif crea­tes an in­no­va­ti­ve and phy­si­cal in­terp­re­ta­tion of Au­gust St­rind­berg’s A Dream Play.

Deity Agnes undertakes a dreamlike journey through the world, encountering the different sides of humanity. She sees people and their lives as they are, full of contrasts and suffering, but also great beauty. Will Agnes be disappointed with humans, or will she be filled with love? How will she interpret the meaning of life and humans’ role on earth? Knif poses questions through strong physical expression and visuality. Music also plays a key role in the performance.

The performance is produced in collaboration between the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki, Riksteatern in Sweden, and Carl Knif Company.

Premiere on the Amos stage 8.9.2021!
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Direction and choreography: Carl Knif
Performers: Mår­ten An­ders­son, Per Bu­rell, Pat­rick Hen­rik­sen, Ok­sa­na Lom­mi, Pek­ka Lou­hio, Den­nis Ny­lund
Scenographer: Erik Sal­ve­sen
Costume designer: Ka­ro­lii­na Koi­so-Kant­ti­la
Sound designer/Composer: Jan­ne Hast
Light designer: Juk­ka Hui­ti­la
Make-up and hair: Tiit­ta Stoor
Photographer: Valt­te­ri Kan­ta­nen
Production: Carl Knif Com­pa­ny, Svens­ka Tea­tern, Riks­tea­tern

“Carl Knif impressed a few years ago on the same stage with his dance theater production of Kafka’s short novel Metamorphosis, and it quickly becomes clear that A Dream Play will not be a disappointment. In fact, the show is excellent, both entertaining and intellectual, visually rich and innovative.” HBL 9.9.2021

Ett drömspel / Photo by Cata Portin

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