Linus Lindholm

Koivu ja tähti, commissioned by Vaasa City Theatre, tells Topelius’ classic tale by way of dance and physical theatre.

In the story, two children have been taken to a foreign country during the Great Northern War to be taken care of by new parents. After the war is over, despite their new parents’ warnings, the siblings decide to seek out their home, where at night a bright star twinkles through the branches of a birch tree.

In the tale, the children’s longing for their roots and culture is tangible. Recent events in Europe make the tale horribly current; at the moment, millions of people experience the same horrors the children in the tale did. The performance is suitable for both young people and adults.

Based on the tale by Zachris Topelius, Finnish translation by Aatto Suppanen. 

Direction & choreography: Carl Knif 
Sound design: Niklas Nybom
Scenography & costume design: Paula Varis

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