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Fugue in two colors is a study of the eternal relation between dance and music. The co-production with Helsinki City Theatre is a non-verbal contemporary dance piece for seven dancers. The rich, rambling, expressive dance is based on the improvisatory method Carl Knif has invented and in this piece it meets the very exact form of Dmitri Šos­ta­ko­vitš’s preludes and fugues. 

Cho­reog­rap­hy: Carl Knif

Dan­ce: Jon­na Aal­to­nen, Jyr­ki Kas­per, Pek­ka Lou­hio, Hei­di Naak­ka, Mik­ko Pa­lo­nie­mi, Ter­hi Vai­ma­la, Ee­ro Ves­te­ri­nen

Set and light de­sign: Wil­liam Iles

Sound de­sign: Jan­ne Hast

Cos­tu­me de­sign: Ka­ro­lii­na Koi­so-Kant­ti­la

Pho­tos: Yos­hi Omo­ri

Ima­ge pro­ces­sing: Mar­ko Mä­ki­nen

Co-pro­duc­tion: Carl Knif Com­pa­ny & Hel­sin­ki Ci­ty Theat­re

Pre­mie­re: Is postponed due to the Corona-virus.

Du­ra­tion: 60 min

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