Breath – Gaze – Space

This improvisation technique is based on the sensing and combining of one’s own body and mind. The method takes inspiration from meditation, yoga, and pilates, and its goal is all-encompassing, personal expression through movement. It was originally created in collaboration with CKC dancers as a choreographical tool and performance method, but its simple guidelines and clearly advancing structure makes it a great method for everyone who is interested in dance and expressing themselves through movement.


A deep, controlled breath calms and relaxes the body. Its message to your body is one of balance; it lowers both your pulse and blood pressure, and it activate your parasympathetic nervous system. A guided exercise in observation while concentrating on taking deep breaths is like movement-based mindfulness: your mind relaxes, your stress levels go down, and the creative forces in your mind and body are unleashed.


The “I” that is recognised through breath connects and opens up to its surrounding space through observation, primarily visual perception.


With gaze comes the effortless and intuitive observation of the space and its happenings. These kinds of experiences can act as incredibly positive and useful realisations that give you experiential information you can use in your daily life and elsewhere.

26 April at 18–21, for everyone, lead by Jonna Aaltonen
10 May at 11–14, for professionals, lead by Terhi Vaimala

Place: Practice studio, Tanssin talo

20 participants / workshop. Register by emailing [email protected].

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