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In At Once, in Helsinki Knif turns his gaze again towards the human being and the enigmatic nature of life. The theme of the work is a miracle as part of today’s worldview. The work examines the possibility of sudden radical change through four interlinked life stories. The work features six dancers and two actors.


Choreography: Carl Knif
Texts: Kristofer Möller
Dance: Jonna Aaltonen, Eero Vesterinen, Riku Lehtopolku, Annika Hyvärinen, Satu Halttunen, Pekka Louhio, Tom Rejström & Misa Lommi
Set-design and light design: Jukka Huitila
Sound design: Janne Hast
Costume design: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Wig design: Henrietta Hukka
Seamstress: Jessika Erkko
Co-production: Carl Knif Company & Dance Theatre Raatikko
Premiere: June 14th 2018, Kuopio Dance Festival
Language: Swedish
Duration: 60 min

At Once, in Helsinki is available for bookings.

“The movement in the work is original and unique to Knif. Twitching and surprising. The talented dancers do it accurately and clearly articulating. The best part is that the movement doesn’t stop even if the story seems to stand still in between.”
Jussi Tossavainen, HS 4.10.2018.

“At Once, in Helsinki is one of Knif’s largest works and clearly the most crystallized. Topics that are important for the choreographer have now been successfully raised to a more general level, while still maintaining touching feel and personality.”
An­nik­ki Al­ku, Sa­von Sa­no­mat 16.6.2018

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